POLYTRON MTC – Oil Additive

POLYTRON Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC) is the best in the industry; unmatched outstanding performance. Add to your favorite lubricant and you will have the protection you can count on.

POLYTRON is attracted to metal surfaces and through metallurgical process forms (from the original metal) a durable polished-like micro-layer of metal that drastically resists wear up to 95%, extreme pressure, and excessive temperature. POLYTRON will increase the reliability, longevity, efficiency, power, and eliminate wear on your equipment. Even in an event of sudden oil/coolant loss, POLYTRON can temporarily protect the engine from catastrophic damages.  Simply add 10% by volume to your main lubricant.

Product Description
  •       Eliminate up to 90-95% of engine and equipment wear
  •       Eliminate up to 85-90% of friction in sliding surfaces
  •       Reduce engine/equipment operating temperature and noise level
  •       Eliminate build-up and keep engine completely clean from new deposits
  •       In the event of oil or coolant loss, engines are protected for tens of miles under any       driving conditions
  •       Restore compression (the compression may go up even in new cars)
  •       Restore power, torque, and fuel economy (MPG)
  •       Contribute to much cleaner emission gases, especially EPA-Approved Polytron Fuel       Conditioner (GDFC) is used (95% chance of passing smog if you failed once)**
  •       Are very effective in severe operating conditions such as dust, dirt and moisture.        Perfect for customers in severe weather regions (ocean, cold winter states, and dry       desserts)
  •       Extend oil change intervals and oil filter life up to 400-700%***
  •       Extend service life of Engine by 600-900%
  •       Extend service life of Automatic Transmission by 700-900%
  •       Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy
  •       Generate the same outstanding results, when used in transmissions, power steering,       differentials or any other equipment
  •       Contribute to reduction of up to 60% of maintenance costs
  •       And much, much more!
  • **Results may vary. We strongly suggest performing oil change and maintenance per manufacturer’s recommendation.

    ***Results may vary.

    From machine shops to power plants, military tanks  to passenger cars, Polytron’s solid track record supports the truly amazing benefits made available to those who uses Polytron.  Whether you’re a car owner looking to increase performance (horsepower, torque, and response), reliability, and fuel mileage (MPG), or you run a business in logistics, mining, heavy equipment, production,  passenger transportation industry and seeking to reduce maintenance and fuel cost, Polytron is the ONLY REAL solution.

    Polytron will not cause any harm or damage to your equipment or vehicle: it conatins no solids (PTFE – Teflon, MoS2 – Molybdenum Disulfide, Zinc, Lead, etc.), or harmful chemicals (corrosive cleansers, compound modifiers, oil thickeners, etc.) that MOST other competitors rely on to give you short term gain while risking for problems down the road.

    Since Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC) is polarized, it is attracted to metal surfaces and through proprietary metallurgical process transforms this surface into a durable polished-like micro-layer of metal that drastically resists wear, extreme pressure, and excessive temperature.  Metal surfaces remain treated at ALL TIMES, which provide immediate start-up lubrication.  Friction is substantially reduced and wear is eliminated up to 99%, which results in maximum equipment life, performance, and oil and fuel economy.  Polytron MTC contributes to reduction in noise level and lowering of operating temperature.

    When used in an Engine, Polytron MTC acts as an excellent dispersant which completely dissolves any existing deposit buildup and holds sludge harmlessly in suspension while preventing the deposition of new varnish and lacquer on engine parts in severe service conditions.  Oil filter life is improved and the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve remains free and clean.  This quality also contributes to longer engine life, more power, and greater fuel economy. Adding ONLY 10% by volume of Polytron MTC will ensure complete clean-up of the engine internals from carbon deposits, sludge, and varnish, thereby ensuring very clean and smooth engine operation, while extending the service life by 600-900%.

    Above benefits applies to most any metallic parts requiring lubrication, such as automatic transmission.  By adding up to 5% by volume to your automatic transmission will perform better, shifts smoother, runs cooler, and service life extends to 700-900%.  Polytron MTC may be used in the hydraulic system as well (please do NOT use in your vehicle brake system).

    For more information on workings of Polytron, please see “How does it work?”

    For application examples and detailed directions, please see below.


  • Passenger cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, railroad, marine vessels, fleet vehicles, diesel trucks, etc.
  • Automatic and manual transmission, differentials, steering pumps, gearboxes, etc.
  • Forklifts, gas powered generators, lawnmower, chainsaws, water pumps, etc.
  • Bearings and bearing journals (NOT suited for silver bearings)
  • Air compressors, machine shops equipment, shop tools, etc.
  • Mining and drilling equipment, farming equipment, hydraulic systems in construction, heavy machinery, etc.
  • And much, much more!


  • In Gasoline or Diesel engines, add one 16 oz bottle of Polytron MTC to a standard 4 to 5 -qt crankcase, or approx. 10% by volume to any larger crankcase during an oil change. If used for the first time, apply it at least 200 miles before the next oil change, and then apply it again in the next oil change. If oil change intervals are as per the car manufacturer’s instructions, apply Polytron MTC every other oil change. In extended oil change intervals, (20,000 to 50,000 miles) add Polytron MTC every oil change.  Please perform Used Oil Analysis to determine feasibility of your engine before continuing with extended oil change intervals. 
  • Motor Oil:  add 10%
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid:  add 5%
  • Manual Transmission Fluid:  add 10%
  • Hydraulic Systems:  add 5%
  • Gear Boxes:  add 10%
  • Bearing Journals:  add 10%
  • Note: All are in % by volume.